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Welcome to Larry Buckalew and thank you for visiting our agency today.  We provide great products to help clients meet their income protection  and retirement solutions needs.

Who are We?

Buckalew Financial Services LLC has built a reputation based on excellence and results. We pride ourselves on providing clients with the individual attention required to match them with the right insurance plan so they can have the peace of mind they deserve. Likewise, we produce results for our agents by providing the individual support and services they need to effectively grow their business.
Buckalew Financial Services offers agents top-notch marketing materials, comprehensive training, in-person support and much more so you can hit the ground running with sales. As a member of our winning team, you can benefit from the long-term relationships we’ve established with top regional and national carriers, as well as our extensive knowledge of the local area.
Please contact us today so we can have a personal discussion about how we can grow together. We look forward to working with you!
Larry Buckalew and the Buckalew Financial Services Team 

Our Story

Like many successful businesses, Buckalew Financial Services had humble beginnings. Relationships that were formed over 5 years ago provide the foundation for the largest association of agents in its field. Since becoming an established company in 2020 BFS has grown and evolved into an agency that provides an amazing opportunity to anyone who desires lucrative self employment. The story of our past is made up of a succession of events and milestones which when viewed as a whole reads like a great American success story. And though we’re proud of our past, we’re even more excited about our future as we continue to find a multitude of like-minded people who choose to become a part of our family and make a difference in the lives of others.


Our Leadership

Larry Buckalew is the founder, President and CEO of what is arguably the country’s largest and most successful insurance marketing organization specializing in life event marketing and sales. Buckalew has a strong desire to see his agents, often his best friends, succeed. To outsiders, his rugged and raw determination can seem intimidating at times, but those who know him – his family, his top managers and his corporate executive team – know Buckalew has a masterful skill of motivating people to take action. His is a certainly a story of a man with a  determination to fulfill a dream for his family, the struggles he’s encountered along the way, and the ultimate victory he has achieved. Throughout the journey, Buckalew’s been working hard to make Buckalew Financial Services the best company possible, while helping people across the United States protect their families.


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