Is Your Income Protected?

Millions of American's will SURVIVE a Heart Attack Stroke or Cancer and CAN'T EARN INCOME AFTER!

Sadly the facts are not in our favor these days...

Every 30 seconds = A new case of cancer is diagnosed

Every 36 seconds = 1 heart attack

Every 40 seconds = 1 stroke

The cost of severe heart attack - including direct and indirect costs - is about $1 million.

60% of all bankruptcies are due to medical issues. Of those that filed for bankruptcy, nearly 80% had health insurance.

One in four people with cancer delayed or turned down recommended care because of cost. Harvard Research Study published in The American Journal of Medicine concluded that illness and medical bills contributed to a large and increasing share of US personal bankruptcies.

You may survive a heart attack, stroke, or cancer but can't earn the same income after or even perform at the same level that you once did.

Speak with Larry Buckalew today by clicking here to schedule an appointment for free quote to protect your income.

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